World Records You Can Break in Your Apartment

hands putting a coin on top of a the last of a gradually increasing series of stacks of coins
If you think that you have to be extremely athletic or talented to beat a world record, then you’re wrong. From assembling Mr. Potato Head while blindfolded to stacking coins, world records come in all shapes and sizes. We thought that it would be a fun change of pace in the St. Andrews Blog to challenge you and your friends. The challenge? See which world records you can beat in your Columbus, GA apartment.


Check out How to Apply for a Guinness World Record if you and your friends are interested in getting an award for your accomplishments. It’s free (unless requesting an adjudicator, as explained in the instructions) and is a great thing to check off of your bucket list!


The following information was pulled from the Guinness World Records website:

  • If you have a bunch of coins lying around, this first world record might be a good one to start with. On June 22, 2015, the most coins stacked in one minute was 69. Think you can beat it?

  • Ross McCurdy from Kingston, Washington, set the record for the most eggs cracked in one minute with one hand. Can you crack more than 32?

  • The fastest time to peel and eat three oranges was achieved on January 25, 2017. The current record is seven.

  • The most marshmallows eaten in one minute is 25, and the fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head is 6.62 seconds.

  • In the near future, do you have a wedding or other event requiring you to send out a lot of envelopes? If you’ve got a lot of stamps and envelopes, you could try beating the record for the most stamps licked in one minute. The current record is 70.

  • Do you have a sweet tooth? Challenge your friends to stack donuts! The tallest stack of donuts is measured at 43.5 inches.

  • Or you can always see who can eat the most M&Ms in one minute with chopsticks while blindfolded! The record is 20.


What world records will you be breaking in your apartment? Share in the comments so that everyone can celebrate your accomplishments. Thanks for reading!


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